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Thank Yourself Thin

Thank You BodyNo matter how positive a person you are, there are times on your weight-release journey when you’re going to feel demoralized about your progress.

Everyone gets discouraged at times. That’s okay. When you feel stuck and upset about your weight, shift your energy by saying to your body two simple words:

“Thank you.”

Appreciation is one of the most powerful forms of affirmation. Words of appreciation release an energy that strengthens and supports your body. That’s because each cell in your body has an intelligence and awareness of its own. While different from how you and I might process it, the cells in our bodies thrive on the healing energy of appreciation.

While I’ve known about the power of appreciation for a long time, I became a more enlightened believer when I learned the story of Myrtle Fillmore.

Myrtle was the spiritual leader who, along with her husband Charles, co-founded the non-denominational Unity Church in the late 1880s. Myrtle understood that our thoughts and beliefs create our life experiences and the spirit of God resides within us. She believed we could access that Divine energy by speaking life-affirming thoughts and words.

Myrtle contracted tuberculosis at a young age. As an adult she helped herself heal by putting her spiritual beliefs to practice.

What was her secret?

She talked to her body.

Myrtle literally spoke to her stomach, eyes, liver, arms and legs. She spoke words of health and vitality to her body and asked for forgiveness:

“I went to all the life centers in my body… I asked their forgiveness for the foolish, ignorant course that I had pursued in the past, when I had condemned them and called them weak, inefficient, and diseased.”*

Myrtle praised her body and taught others to do the same:

“Your first duty is to bless your body. Get your thoughts right down into it, and praise its wonderful work.”*

Myrtle persevered. Even when there was no physical evidence of improvement, Myrtle did not become discouraged. With faith in her heart, she continued to bless her body and affirm it with words of love and appreciation. It took approximately two years, but eventually Myrtle’s body showed no signs of the disease.

Your Inner Power

On the surface Myrtle’s story seems extraordinary. But it’s not. We all have this inner power but most of us haven’t been taught to use it. Instead, we’re taught to believe that the only solution to health and weight loss lies outside of us in a pill, latest fad diet or fat-busting exercise.

Imagine if you believed, as Myrtle did, that the answer to successfully releasing weight lies in a power within you? What if you knew that appreciative words you speak to your body were part of the solution?

Maybe you already believe in the power of thanking your body but haven’t followed through. Or maybe you think saying “thank you” to your body sounds too simplistic or just plain weird. If so, I ask you to suspend judgment and try it anyway.

Practice the following Body Appreciation exercise daily. It takes only a couple minutes. Just get yourself comfortable in a quiet space and relax. It’s especially easy to do while lying in bed in the morning or at night before falling asleep.

I encourage my clients to put this into practice earnestly and repeat it twice a day for at least two weeks. Most report a warm feeling enter their body while doing it and a more positive connection with their body over time which helps them take better care of themselves. They also become attuned to their body wisdom and more easily hear what they’re body needs from them. Try it for yourself:

Body Appreciation 

Close your eyes and reflect on all the ways your body serves you. Then, with heartfelt sincerity, offer thanks to your entire body. As Myrtle said, “Get your thoughts right down into it, and praise its wonderful work.” For example, thank your legs for allowing you to walk, your ears for hearing your loved one’s voice, your heart for beating and keeping you alive, etc. Thank your body for all the ways it allows you to live a rich life.

One more thing: I want you to thank the extra weight on your body. Yes, you heard me.

Thank the extra weight. 

Those extra pounds on your body are there for a reason. Maybe they’re emotionally protecting you. Maybe they’re trying to get your attention to take better care of yourself or learn unconditional self-love. Maybe your soul needs you to carry this weight to help you grow and evolve spiritually. Whatever the reason, thank those extra pounds for the lessons they’re here to teach you. Say to them, “Thank you. I’m listening.”

Begin Today

Don’t wait to reach your goal weight to be thankful. That’s conditional love. Offer thanks in advance. You then activate Divine energies within your body’s intelligence that help you reach your goal more quickly and feel inspired in the process.

Along with eating well and giving her body proper rest and exercise, Myrtle Fillmore thanked her body to health. If she could use the power of appreciation to help herself heal from tuberculosis, you can use this power to reach your goal weight with less struggle and greater ease the same way.

A simple “Thank you” right now is all it takes to get started.

(Learn more about Myrtle’s teachings here.)

*Witherspoon, Thomas E.  Myrtle Fillmore:  Mother of Unity. Unity Village, MO:  Unity Books, 1977.



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