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Inspire Your Weight Loss Journey With a Vision Board

What changes do you want to see in your life for 2013? What goals and intentions do you have for your health and well being? Do you know you can begin to create those changes now simply by finding images that represent what you want? Create a vision board to focus your mind and train your brain to move in the direction of your desires.

A vision board is simply a collage of pictures, words and symbols that represents the life experiences you want. It’s also called a goal or dream board, or treasure map.

Imagination Creates

Everything in your life begins with an image in your conscious or subconscious mind. A vision board harnesses this imaging power in a deliberate way. As a manifestation tool, it activates the law of attraction, a spiritual law that says we attract experiences into our life that match the energy of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Focus Your Mind

From a psychological perspective, a vision board works by stimulating the reticular activation system, or RAS, which is an information filtering system in your brain. Once you hold an image in your mind, you program your RAS to search for it among all the information coming to you from the world. For example, have you noticed that when you decide on the kind of car you want, you begin to see it everywhere? That’s why.

By making a vision board for health and weight loss, you essentially program your RAS to draw to your attention what you need to reach your goals.

For example, after making her vision board, my client Debbie saw an ad for a discounted gym membership in her neighborhood. That special price was always there, but she never noticed it. She previously said she wanted to join a health club, but believed she “couldn’t afford it.” When she made her vision board, she committed to moving her body more so she included exercise images. Voila! The Universe complied and met her request.

Does it always happen so magically? Well, yes and no. If something you deeply desire isn’t coming to you as quickly as you’d like, have patience. Perhaps there is more inner work you need to do to allow change to happen. A vision board helps nurture that process.

Getting Started

Schedule “Me” time and set aside several hours, perhaps an afternoon or evening, to make your vision board.

To find images you’ll need magazines, photographs, or pictures from the internet. You’ll also need poster or foam board, scissors, and a glue stick or tape. I used a purple poster board because purple signifies high spiritual development and symbolically supports my soul’s growth. You may choose white or whatever color resonates for you.

There are many online tools to create your image board on your computer. I prefer the “old-fashioned” method but explore these other options if they work best for you.

Of the steps below, you may choose to do one and two separately, or plan enough time to do both at once.

Step One: Compile Your Pictures

Look through your sources of images and cut out anything that reflects the thinner, healthier, happier you. Find photos that capture your attention in a powerful and uplifting way. These may be people, places, nature, animals, inspiring words, etc.

Choose images that make your heart sing and awaken something deep inside you. That’s key. You’re activating a spiritual energy that is beyond your conscious mind. Feel the passion!

Focus less on images you think you “should” want and only on what moves you. For example, the tall, thin blonde may be Cosmo’s ideal, but if you feel drawn to that full-figured woman with the compassionate smile, go for the smile.

Step Two: Create

Assemble your images on the poster board in whatever way looks best to you. No rules here. Some people put a photo of themselves, or an image that reflects their higher power, in the middle of their vision board. Or you could add both. As you compile your pictures, keep this in mind as well.

Make this time sacred, and fun! Do this by yourself or perhaps, like I did, with a like-minded friend. Revel in the experience, play music, light candles, sip tea.

Step Three: Let Go

Once completed, there are two suggested ways to store your vision board. One is to keep it in a visible spot where you see it often. If you’re concerned that someone may be critical of it, however, place it where only you or trusted family members see it. You don’t want anyone’s negative energy to contaminate your vision or confidence.

The other suggestion is to simply put your vision board away. Once completed, it takes on an energy and a life of its own. You don’t need to “do” anything with it. You began the process. Now simply relax and let it go.

Step Four: Inspired Action

As long as you feel inspired to do so, look at your vision board often. At the same time, you don’t want to force anything. If you judge yourself or the process and feel discouraged because “nothing’s changed yet”, you fall victim to self-doubt.

A vision board isn’t about guarantees to be granted. It’s about creating a channel to take inspired action. As opportunities for change show up, you need to show up as well. As in the example above with the discounted gym membership, when you’re granted gifts, receive them graciously.

May your weight release journey be inspired with love and joy.

What will your vision board look like?
If you have any questions, please let me know below!



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  1. Hi

    I live this inspiring post. I have resently got back to using my website and blog page and would be honoured if you would allow me to share this with my readers and clients. I believe it will help them greatly. I have made several vision boards in different areas in my life and they are great. I can’t believe I did not share this phenomenon on my site. I have spoken to clients about it before, but should have shared it further. Thank you for awakening me. Let me know if I can use this on my site.

    Yours in peace and good health

    Kind regards


    1. admin

      As I mentioned in my email to you, Debbie, I look forward to seeing your site. Thanks for reaching out. All best wishes to you! Warmly, Diane

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