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What We Think, We Become

I learned this Taoist tale several years ago:

A young man walks to the entrance of a village. He sees the village elder at the entrance gate and asks, “I’ve come to find a new place to live.  What is this village like?”  The village elder responds, “Tell me, young man, what was it like where you came from?”  The young man replies, “Oh, it was terrible. You could trust no one. Everyone was mean and out for themselves.”  The village elder replies, “That is exactly what this village is like.”  The young man leaves.

The next day another young man walks to the village gate looking for a place to live.  He asks the village elder, “Dear Sir, what is it like in this village?”  The village elder asks, “What was it like where you came from?” “Oh”, the young man says, “It was a wonderful place – filled with gentle and kind people – a very peaceful place to live.”  The village elder responds, “That is exactly what this village is like.”

When we recognize how our thoughts and beliefs create our world, we become empowered and open ourselves to unlimited opportunities.

May you think your way into an empowered life.


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