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Lose Weight Forever with Patience & Perseverance

Were you as amazed as I was watching the Olympics? These athletes trained their minds and bodies exquisitely. We all can learn something important from them. As I listened to interviews about how they succeeded at reaching Olympic status, I heard these two themes repeated over and over:

Relentless patience and perseverance

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from these mind-power qualities.

Patience and perseverance allow you to reach your weight loss goals with certainty. Without these two qualities, progress stalls. Setbacks feel disappointing, hitting a plateau feels demoralizing, and keeping focused on your goal feels daunting.

It’s tempting to give up.

With patience and perseverance, however, it’s not that you don’t feel discouraged. It’s that you may feel discouraged and keep moving forward anyway.

Permanent weight loss takes time. Time is necessary to make the deep spiritual and emotional changes that keep weight off forever. With patience and perseverance, your weight loss success transforms from being a goal you achieve to you becoming a new person in the process.

The person you become doesn’t only weigh less. Your confidence improves. You feel strong. You no longer let slips and delays stop you. Momentary lapses become fuel to strengthen your strong side.

We all feel discouraged at times. That’s OK. Have patience with yourself. Persevere anyway. Doing so transforms discouragement into a determined belief that nothing will stop you from reaching your weight loss goal.

How Patience and Perseverance Help you Release Weight Forever:

1. Changing behaviors takes time.

It takes about one month of daily progress to change a habit. It takes longer to make that habit permanent. As you develop new lifestyle patterns, you may falter sometimes. We all do. Don’t give your power away by focusing on setbacks. Instead, be patient and persevere in making healthy choices despite those moments you slipped into old habits.

2. Your thoughts and beliefs need time to change.

Permanent weight loss requires inner change. As you release weight from your body, patiently and persistently release negative thoughts and beliefs from your mind. Speak to yourself with love and gentleness. Persevere in changing negative thoughts to uplifting, encouraging ones.

For example, when you berate yourself for overeating, patiently tell yourself, “Stop.” Breathe. Then say, “I release this thought into the arms of Divine love. I am patient and forgiving with myself.”

3. Develop trust in yourself and your body.

Do what is best for your body even when you don’t see the results you want. As you patiently accept your body as it is, and as you persevere with loving care and attention, your body knows your love doesn’t depend on what it weighs. From that place of unconditional acceptance, your relationship with your body improves and weight releases more easily.

We all feel disappointed and demoralized at times. When that happens, invite patience and perseverance to accompany you on your weight loss journey. Think of these qualities as your inner guides reminding you to trust yourself, encouraging you to stay the course, and whispering in your ear that all is well.

How will patience and perseverance help you reach your weight loss goals?

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