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Product Comparison

Side-by-Side Product Comparison

These audio programs are the same mind-body and spiritual self-healing tools I use with my clients every day. Now, you can benefit from these powerful, effective tools at a fraction of what my private clients pay for their sessions with me. If you’re new to me and my approach, consider starting with The Inspiration Diet, which is where most people begin. Then go deeper and connect with your personal spiritual guide with Wise Woman Weight Release.

The Inspiration DietIs Ideal For You If...
YOU WANT TO FEEL CONFIDENT WITH YOUR BODY — The Body Confidence Journey guides you through a visualization process to imagine yourself at your ideal weight. When you program your mind with pictures of success, you reach your weight-loss goal more easily.
YOU WANT TO BETTER KNOW WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS — The Morning Inspiration Journey guides you through a simple process to communicate with your body wisdom. This helps you feel more connected with your body and inspired to make your body’s needs a daily priority.
YOU WANT TO BEFRIEND YOUR BODY — The Evening Appreciation Journey guides you through a process to offer gratitude to your body. This helps you stop fighting with your body so you can feel more peaceful, appreciate all the ways your body serves you and be your body’s best friend.
What You Get:
20-minute Body Confidence Journey mp3 audio
8-minute Morning Inspiration Journey mp3 audio
8-minute Evening Inspiration Journey mp3 audio
The Inspiration Diet Instruction Guide, 33-page Inspiration Diet e-book and Journal Notes with writing prompts to use with each audio
Transcripts of the audios
Plus THREE Bonus Items:
Appreciating Your Body: Writing Exercises to Give Thanks
Calling Forth Your Future Self: A Visualization & Writing Practice to Help You Reach Your Goal Weight (or some result)
The Weight-Release Wheel: A tool to help you step up your self-care to lighten your body and soul
If You Want To Feel Confident About Your Body, The Inspiration Diet Is A Great Place To Start!
The Wise Woman Weight ReleaseIs Ideal For You If...
YOU WANT TO DISCOVER YOUR INNER WISE SELF — The Meet Your Wise Self audio is a spiritual self-healing process to help you connect with your own source of inner wisdom. Discover your Wise Self - your spiritual mentor - who will give you encouragement and guidance on your true path to weight loss freedom.
YOU WANT DAILY SUPPORT TO REACH YOUR WEIGHT GOAL — The Visit With Your Wise Self audio fits into your busy schedule so you can connect with your Wise Self whenever you need help. If you want advice before a food-challenging situation, support around emotional eating, encouragement after losing your way, this audio is a spiritual tool that keeps you on track.
YOU WANT TO TAKE CHARGE OF EMOTIONAL EATING — Wise Woman Weight Release includes a three-step breakthrough process using the wisdom of your Wise Self to help you create a customized plan for managing triggers and overcoming emotional eating.
What You Get:
15-minute Meet Your Wise Self mp3 audio
13-minute Visit With Your Wise Self mp3 audio
50 Page Wise Woman Weight Release e-book/e-workbook, including Journal Notes with prompts for each audio
10 writing exercises and creative practices to help you become your Wise Self today!
Transcripts of each audio
Plus THREE Bonus Items:
Overcome Emotional Eating with Guidance from Your Wise Self
Messages from My Wise Self
Quick Tips for Checking In With Your Wise Self
If You Want To Connect With Your Personal Spiritual Guide For Support On Your Weight-Loss Journey, Wise Woman Weight Release Is For You!