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Use Affirmations for Weight Loss Success

People often ask me if saying affirmations really “works.” I respond, “If you think they work, they will and if you think they won’t, they won’t. But no matter what you’re thinking, your thinking is working.”

Let me explain.

An affirmation is simply anything you say or think. We affirm what we expect in life all the time with our thoughts and beliefs. The Universe then brings back to us experiences that match the vibration of those thoughts.

For example, if you believe releasing weight is difficult and grueling, it will be. If you believe it is challenging at times but achievable, it will be. Your thoughts about releasing weight create the quality of your journey. They either help you succeed or hold you back.

Using affirmations simply means deliberately taking charge of your thoughts. When used with other strategies, affirmations help you create a confident mind-set for success.

If there are subconscious beliefs blocking your progress, affirmations help neutralize them. Affirmations in and of themselves, however, may not be enough to dislodge deeply rooted, or trauma-based, beliefs. These may best be resolved through professional self-growth work.

Saying positive affirmations doesn’t mean you pretend to feel upbeat. The word positive also means feeling certain and sure. When you affirm positive thoughts, you strengthen your confidence to feel certain about achieving your health and wellness goals.

Notice what is affirmed in these commonly held beliefs about weight loss:

“It’s impossible for me lose weight.”
“I’ve tried before and nothing’s helped. I don’t see how this will be different.”
“It’s hard to lose weight when you’re older.”

Do these words come from someone who will succeed or fail?

Let’s turn these around:

“It is possible for me to release extra weight.”
“It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. I move forward with confidence.”
“Age has nothing to do with it. I can release weight no matter my age.”

See the difference?

Here are some guiding principles to use positive affirmations for releasing weight with greater ease:

1. Release your attachment to limiting beliefs.

You may hold beliefs as to why you think you cannot release weight. These beliefs may come from painful childhood messages, such as, “You’ll never amount to anything”, or blind agreement with societal thought, such as, “Everyone knows it’s impossible to lose weight.” Make room for positive affirmations to take hold by opening your mind to replace beliefs that limit you with uplifting beliefs that support you.

Use this quick check system to determine if a belief helps or hurts you:

“Does this belief create fear or doubt?”
“Is this belief contrary to my goals?

If a belief doesn’t support you, change it.

2. Create affirmations that feel natural to you.

The power of affirmations increases when you believe in them and they are meaningful to you. Even if something doesn’t yet feel true, however, you can use affirmations to gently move in the direction of who you want to become.

For example, if you say, “I release weight easily” but deep down you don’t believe that, create an affirmation that feels true such as, “I am open to releasing weight with greater ease,” or, “Even though this feels difficult at times, I am capable of reaching my health and wellness goals.”

3. Use “I Am” statements whenever possible.

“I Am” statements are particularly powerful because whatever we attach to the words, “I am”, we become. There is a spiritual force inside of us and it pays particular attention to whatever follows our “I am” statements. So whether you say, “I am a failure”, or “I am a success” you activate a potent power that produces that result.

Use “I am” statements to reflect the qualities you want, even if they don’t yet seem true. As you connect with the powerful energy within you, in time your “I am” statements will produce the results you desire.

4. Say affirmations in the present tense.

The Universe hears your thoughts and beliefs very literally and responds in kind. Create affirmations that serve you in the present moment and not some future date.

For example, if you say, “I will lose weight” it keeps your progress stalled for some undetermined future. But if you say, “I am releasing weight,” you affirm progress today.

5. Use affirmations when you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Affirmations penetrate our subconscious mind more easily when we’re in a peaceful state. While it’s important to repeat affirmations throughout the day, create some quiet time as well to deepen their effects.

A Daily Practice

  • Choose two or three affirmations from the following list. Change them to best suit you or create your own.
  • Say your affirmations three to five times, or more, throughout the day.
  • You may find it helpful to write them on 3×5 cards to carry with you, add them to your computer background, or write them on post-it notes placed in visible locations such as your bathroom mirror or car.
  • Create some quiet time during the day where you can sit peacefully repeating them.
  • Say your affirmations with deep feeling, as if you already possess the qualities you’re affirming.

Sample Affirmations

  • “I am a loving caretaker for my body.
  • “I am healthy, self-loving, and wise.
  • “I am listening to what my body needs from me.”
  • “I am gentle and forgiving with myself and others.”
  • “I am transforming my lifestyle to a healthy way of living.”

What will you affirm today to ensure your health and wellness success?

20 Responses

  1. Ally

    “I am listening to what my body needs from me.” – I don’t think I’ve ever really done this before but I know for sure it definitely works! Ally, Birmingham, UK

    1. Diane

      Hi Ally,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you’re open to using affirmations. They truly help plant the seeds to create a strong foundation to achieve any goal, including releasing weight. The one you mentioned is one of my favorites. Our bodies communicate to us all the time so learning to listen opens the pathway to good health and well-being.

      All best to you,

    1. Diane

      Hi Martha,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I think adding “and losing weight is secondary” may not be the best way to help you achieve your weight loss goal. If it truly is secondary to you, that’s fine, but if weight loss is an important goal, I would suggest you either eliminate the end of that affirmation and say, “I am changing my lifestyle to improve my health,” or “I am changing my lifestyle to improve my health and to release excess weight with ease.” By saying it’s “secondary”, you minimizes the importance of releasing weight. It depends what your intention is.

      Do you see the difference? Let me know if you have any questions.

      All best to you,

  2. Cheryl Ahuja

    I have been a member of Weight Watcher of and on for several years. This past month I have had some health problems so I finally “got the WW message”. I am thinking myself as beautiful and healthy so this is my new afirmation statement. Thank you so much for your column it is helpful and wonderful. Bless you. Cheryl

    1. Diane

      You’re welcome, Cheryl. And thank you for your comment!

      Yes, continue to affirm your beauty and health as those words hold power and healing energy.

      To your health and happiness.

      All best to you,

    1. Diane

      Hi Raksha,

      Thank you for sharing your affirmation!

      Wishing you good health and happiness.

      All best to you,

  3. virendra

    Dear madam,
    I would like to give one affirmation from the book-Success through positive mental attitude (by Nepolion Hill)
    Day by day,in every way ,by the grace of God,I am getting better and better.
    One can use this for any challenging task.
    Splendid thanks.
    Warmest regards.Truely yours,

    1. Diane

      Dear Virendra,

      Thank you for sharing this. It’s a wonderful affirmation.

      I’ve read Napolean Hill’s writings and am familiar with this affirmation. Starting an affirmation with “Day by day in every way I am…” is a powerful way to strengthen the positive statements following.

      Thanks again for mentioning this.

      All best to you,

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  5. Affirmations can be used for different purposes as it depends on person to person. Using Affirmations keeps our mind conscious and inspires us whenever we fall.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  6. Alison

    I am releasing out thoughts and habits that do not serve me.
    I am ready to achieve the weight loss I have carried for so long .
    I love myself and will notice my body transformation which will enable a healthy mind, body and soul.
    I thank the universe for allowing to see a better life and I am grateful for the positive motivation to be eternally grateful for the amazing life I have.

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