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The Gift of Gratitude

“A single grateful thought raised to heaven …is the most perfect prayer.” – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

If you don’t have what you want in your life, or if you want more of what you do have, here’s the key: Be grateful. Gratitude is healing to the emotions. If you are upset or feeling down, stop and give thanks for the good things in your life. An attitude of appreciation raises your energetic vibration. Since your vibration magnetizes to you your experiences, giving thanks brings you more to be thankful for. Your perspective changes.

Try this. Take an easy, gentle breath. Now, close your eyes and think of someone or something in your life that you love and appreciate.

Did your mood shift? Did you feel a sense of relaxation? Are you calmer?

This is the gift of gratitude.

Saying “thank you” to the Universe opens a pathway to receive more. Think of when you give something to someone and they don’t acknowledge or thank you for your gesture. Now think of someone who is appreciative and grateful. You want to keep giving. It’s the same with the Universe. Lack of appreciation is like turning your back on a loving, giving friend. Being grateful honors your connection. It is an invitation to the Universe to increase your supply.

Extend a grateful attitude towards yourself. Compliment yourself on work well done and obstacles faced. Speak kindly to your body for all it does for you. Infuse your self-talk with words of acceptance, praise and self-love. The more you appreciate yourself the more you link your heart with intention. This allows you to more easily create those things your heart desires.

Embrace the power of gratitude by keeping a daily gratitude journal. Start each morning or end each day thanking the Universe for the gifts offered. Honor and appreciate those small gestures often taken for granted. Thank the Universe for the bright sunny day you had, for lunch with a friend, for the cold that reminded you to slow down your pace. Being appreciative rewards you with inner peace and harmony. You energetically become receptive for more.

If you are currently dealing with a great deal of emotional pain, keep a more traditional writing journal to release your thoughts and feelings. Accelerate your healing by combining writing for release with keeping a gratitude journal. The higher level vibration of thankfulness gently minimizes the lower energies of pain and sadness. By doing this you allow the gifts in your life to become a comforting blanket you wrap around your pain.

A grateful heart calls forth blessings. It uplifts your spirit, guiding you to be more patient, tolerant, kind and optimistic. Your consciousness is raised; your physical body revitalized. You notice the beauty in all things.

Give the gift of gratitude today. Tell a special person how grateful you are to have them in your life.

It’s the best holiday gift ever.

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