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Being Courageously Fearful

Does fear limit your life?
Would you change your job, end an unfulfilling relationship, or start a business if you felt less afraid?
Are you waiting for more confidence before making that change?

If so, quit waiting. Be Courageously Fearful.

Fear and courage are inseparable friends. When you face your fears, you strengthen your courage muscle. The stronger your courage muscle, the more you face your fears.

Some fears are understandable responses to dangerous situations. Heed those message. But most fear stems from self-limiting and often, trauma-based, beliefs. Facing fear creates opportunities to heal and expand beyond those beliefs. This expansion opens a pathway to help you reach your deepest desires.

Fear comes in many disguises. It is sometimes a seemingly logical reason for why you won’t do something. Or it may be a belief that something is out of your reach, so you don’t even try.

When you disguise fear, it holds enormous power over you. Be honest with yourself. It’s okay to be afraid. Courageous people aren’t unafraid. They feel the fear and act anyway.

It’s natural to experience fear when you think about moving out of your comfort zone. You can’t imagine how you’ll get from where you are to where you want to be. But when you embrace fear and set the intention to do what you truly desire, you call forth courage. This raises your emotional and spiritual energy level. The Universe provides matching support by opening a pathway of synchronicity and flow to help you reach your goals.

If you experienced an abusive, neglectful, or traumatic childhood, you know what it’s like to be afraid. The decisions you make today may be influenced by fears from your past. This is understandable. But it prevents you from acting powerfully in the present moment and having the life you really want.

Try this. Repeat this phrase while thinking of something you want but are afraid of taking action.

“I’m afraid and I will do it anyway.”

This reframes fear from being something that overwhelms you to something that challenges and inspires you. Acknowledging fear gives it less power: Intending to act anyway invites courage to be your guide.

The things we most fear are often the things we most need to do. Think of fear as a meddling, yet loving friend guiding you towards the places in which you need to grow. Thank fear for moving you out of your comfort zone. Thank courage for being your companion through it.

What do you need to be courageously fearful about?

(Photo: Sammie Chafin on Unsplash)


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  1. Lizz

    I like this…and i would agree with “the things we fear the most are often the things we need to do.”..

    Thanks for this great insight!

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