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My Favorite Work-Out Buddy!

I feel fortunate to have discovered running while in my early twenties. I had exercised sporadically at health clubs, but this was different. I loved how my body felt after a run, so invigorated and alive. It was a meditative and creative time too, solutions to problems magically appearing during those runs. I was passionate about it, running road races and eventually challenging myself to run marathons.

I was a bit obsessed.

But after several decades of running, I wanted  a more gentle approach.  I never developed any running related injuries and I didn’t want to push my luck. So, I decided to use the cardio machines at my health club. Boring! It just didn’t compare to being outdoors, moving my body along the tree lined running path near my home. But I knew it probably was better for my body at that point, so I resigned myself to being bored.

I normally don’t watch television, but with an attached TV screen on the cardio machines, it certainly makes exercise more entertaining. I’d listen to the news, or watch a cooking show. But nothing really took the edge off the boredom.

It was a slow thirty minutes.

But then, I found my secret weapon:

Judge Judy.

One day while watching CNN as usual, my intuition told me to start changing the channels. And there she was. All surly and sour faced but, oh so entertaining! I don’t know why, but listening to those cases  kept me focused. Thirty minutes often turned into forty-five as I just had to wait to see who won the case.

I hoped no one saw me!

But I let go of my self-consciousness about watching something that, in some ways, seemed ridiculous to me. I was thrilled to find a TV show that kept me interested. And then I discovered all the other judge shows! Judge Joe Brown, Judge Alex, Judge Pirro, Judge Milian! A buffett of mind-less exercise distraction! Now when I use the cardio machines, I’m almost always guaranteed a virtual work-out buddy.

If you need to feel inspired to exercise, look for even one small thing that makes the experience fulfilling. Perhaps it’s changing the route for your daily walk, finding stimulating music to dance to at home or take an exercise class you haven’t yet tried.

It always helps to ask your body for guidance. Just say to your body, “How can I be inspired to exercise more regularly?”  Trust where your body wisdom guides you and, even if seems strange, follow what you hear. Your body loves you and always guides you to your highest good. You just need to remember to ask. The answers will come.

And, now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back on the treadmill.
The verdict is in.

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  1. audrey

    My guilty pleasures when riding my exercise bike are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Kardashians, or Millionaire Matchmaker. Pretty heady stuff that seems to be in a similar catagory as Judge Judy. Higher drama, lower intellectual challenge. 🙂

  2. Diane

    It makes a difference, doesn’t it, Audrey? Thanks for your comment. Here’s to doing what it takes to make exercise fun! All best, Diane

  3. Sadny

    I use my ipod to download books off the library website and listen to books while walking. If you are in a good part of the book you may want to walk an extra ten minutes or walk twice in one day. The books are coming from the library web site so its free!

  4. Joy

    I, too, get bored at the gym. My kids used to be into High School Musical. One of the kids CDs is a dance remix version and I love using the elliptical machine and listening the this CD! Sometimes I catch myself lip syncing to the music, but it really does help!

  5. Diane Petrella

    Sadney – Using the library website is a great idea! I use my library a lot but haven’t seen if they have downloads available. I’ll check that out. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Joy – I love the idea of lip syncing to the music. What a great way to stay inspired to exercise!

  6. Rj

    Currently trying to loose weight. My iPad is my lifeline. I find gym so boring, exercising so tiring- if I don’t take my mind off it I can’t go more than 20 mins! However I take my iPad to the gym and watch movies/ music video/read magazines/play games/check mails etc etc etc! That helps me to remain on my cardio machine for an hr!! If walking then the music is my focus rather than the walk. Keeping my mind off the exercise sure works for me. Have managed to cut 4kgs in a month! (Of course accompanied by a diet)

    One more feather in the iPad creators cap!

  7. Diane Petrella

    Thanks for your comment Rj! I haven’t used an iPad at the gym but I love my iPod. I recently started using kettle bells and I just love them! They’ve taken my work-out to a whole other level and I encourage anyone to try them, with a personal trainer’s guidance, of course!

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