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5 Promises to My Body

No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, these five promises will help you focus on what matters most.

Start by choosing one promise to honor each day. Take small steps and over time these promises transform into new skills that become life-long patterns.

Your body appreciates the effort you make to honor these promises and wants you to be patient and gentle with yourself. Begin today to create a loving, respectful relationship with your body…

1.  I Promise to Speak to You Kindly.
(No self-criticism.)

2. I Promise to Accept You the Way You Are & Hold You With Pride.
(Head held high; shoulders back.)

3.  I Promise to Give You Movement & Healthy Food.
(And not-so-healthy food in moderation.)

4. I Promise to Care for Our Soul.
(Meditate, pray, read inspirational books.)

5. I Promise to Go Within & Ask You What You Need.
(Together we’re a blessed team.)

And the ultimate promise to wrap around these…

I promise to forgive myself for the times I stumble. I’m human and I’m doing the best I can.


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