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My Theme For 2012

I love rituals!

Every year I complete my thank you/release/intention process for the New Year. I also pick a theme that becomes the context for my personal growth.  A yearly theme becomes my guiding light for decisions I make, projects I’m working on and how I want to evolve. It’s the big picture that carries me through life’s ups and downs. Like a gentle voice in the background, my theme keeps me on track.

For 2012 my theme is:


I want to live a more inspired life. I think I’m pretty good at this already. I meditate daily because I know this is a powerful practice for accessing my intuition. I trust my instincts and listen to my inner guidance.

But I can be better at this.

I want 2012 to be the year I honor my intuition fully and completely. I want to do only those things I feel inspired to do when I feel inspired to do them. I know I am living “IN SPIRIT” and following God’s plan when I listen to that voice within.

What about you? What will your theme be for 2012? Do you need to better nurture yourself? Do you need to be more committed to your goals? Do you need more patience?

What personal theme will help you evolve into the highest and best version of yourself?

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