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Your Object of Inspiration

As a steady and gentle reminder to remain focused on your weight release goals, find a meaningful object to inspire you and help you feel grounded. For example, a bracelet with a special phrase or symbol, an affirmation card kept in your purse, or a religious or spiritual symbol to fit in your pocket.

I keep many inspiring objects around me and here is one of my favorites. I love stones. I especially love this one and had a hole drilled in it years ago so I could use it as a pendant. Every time I attend a spiritual retreat or workshop, I intentionally wear this so it absorbs the uplifting energy of what I learn. I find it soothing and grounding to simply rub and feel it’s smooth surface. When I’m tense, I make a point to hold it and take a deep breath.

Take a special object you already own, or set your intention to find just the right one and trust the Universe to bring it your way. Keep it accessible as an object of inspiration, strength and as an anchor to ground you. Use this to help you stay focused on your weight release goals especially during those food challenges unique to the holiday season.

What will you use as your object of inspiration? Please share below!

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  1. Mel

    I wear daily a Tiffany charm bracelet. My oldest daughter was named Tiffany after them. I will use this as an object of my inspiration as it reminds me I am working to be healthy to be here for my 3 girls…healthy enough to live to see them have children of their own..healthy enough to play with those children as my Mom played with them.

    1. That’s lovely, Mel. Thank you for sharing. Stay strong and healthy. How blessed your girls are to have a Mom who understands the importance of that. What a great role model you are! Blessings to you and your family.

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