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Transformation Through Meditation

Sunrise2If you could do one thing everyday that promises to bring inner peace, trust and wisdom into your life, would you do it?

It’s easy.  And it’s only a breath away.


Meditation offers many physical benefits.  Research studies document improvement in heart rate, blood pressure and managing stress. These benefits promote good health and well-being.

And there is so much more.

Meditation strengthens your intuition.  It clears out mental clutter so you can hear your inner voice. Your consciousness expands as you become more finely attuned to perceptions beyond the five senses.

We all have thousands of thoughts every day, usually hearing the same ones over and over. This endless chatter can be emotionally disorienting. When you meditate you enter the stillness between your thoughts.  It is within this space, or gap, that you connect with your deepest self. This allows intuitive guidance to flow freely. Synchronistic events show up, guiding you along your life path. Your ability to manifest what you want becomes easier.

If during your childhood you were conditioned to question your instincts, or if your perceptions were denied or invalidated, you may not always trust yourself. Meditation helps strengthen that inner trust, connecting you with your true essence.

You are guided to yourself.

There are many good resources to learn meditation. Methods include focusing on the breath, counting, noticing sensations, or repeating a mantra or sound. Find a technique that works for you and commit to a daily practice.

Here’s a simple method:

Sit comfortably in a room with no distractions. It’s best not to lie down to avoid falling asleep. Sit upright with your spine straight. Begin by gently closing your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. Notice each inhalation, and each exhalation. Many thoughts will enter your mind. That’s okay.  Just passively note your awareness of the thought and then redirect your attention back to the breath.  Each in-breath.  And each out-breath. As you strengthen your ability to refocus from thoughts to the breath, you will begin to experience moments of stillness and quiet. Practice this for fifteen to twenty minutes, once or twice daily.

If you experienced childhood physical or sexual abuse, or have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, you may experience difficulty allowing yourself to enter a meditative state. Closing your eyes and becoming relaxed may trigger feelings of vulnerability and fear. That’s okay.  Be patient with yourself and start slowly. Choose a meditation technique that feels comfortable for you, and instead of closing your eyes, keep them open.  Focus your attention on a spot on the wall or turn your gaze downwards to a spot on the floor. Meditate for five minutes. As you become more comfortable, increase the time in five minute increments, closing your eyes as you feel more grounded.

Everything you need is inside of you. Enlightened guidance appears through a quiet mind. Meditation opens new pathways to inner stillness and wisdom.

Become quiet. And listen.


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  1. dr.sheetal

    thank you diane…the way you say “thats okay”takes a lot of burden,rather than fighting thoughts emotions and even feelings ,a kind and loving acceptance of the same makes a huge difference altogether in our personality…builds up strong and loving relationship with our ownself!thank you once again.

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