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Release Excess Weight From Your Life

One of the simplest things you can do to support your healing journey is to declutter your life. Here’s why:

Everything is energy: our bodies, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and even the physical objects around us. We are attached to our living space and personal belongings by invisible threads of energy.

Everything is connected.

Our homes are like mirrors reflecting back to us the beliefs we hold of ourselves. When you look at your rooms, closets, cupboards, car, purse, and work space, do you see order or chaos? Do you feel stressed or calm? Do you feel uplifted or depleted?

Do you feel light or heavy?

By releasing objects in your outside world that no longer serve you, you energetically release what no longer serves you on the inside as well.  This can help you to remove internal blocks that prevent you from healing and moving forward toward self-growth.

For example, by letting go of unflattering, outdated clothes from an earlier time in your life, you begin to let go of outdated, unflattering beliefs about yourself as well. You essentially release the heavy energy held in those pieces of clothing. We’re connected to our objects by invisible strands of energy so what you release on the outside is released from the inside too.

Change happens from the inside out as you shift your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  Change also happens from the outside in as you release the heaviness of unnecessary clutter from your life.

When you take care of your home by releasing the weight of excess clutter, you begin to feel emotionally lighter. This inner lightness helps inspire you to take better care of yourself too.

It’s all connected.

Here are some clutter clearing suggestions, specific to emotional eating and body confidence concerns to help you honor your food, your body, and yourself.

Kitchen/Dining Areas

  • Keep counter tops and eating tables clutter free and clean.
  • Honor your food by neatly organizing your pantry area and cabinets.
  • Keep your refrigerator clean, organized, and free from expired food.
  • Replace chipped tableware. This doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. The point is to honor your food and mealtime by serving yourself from eye-pleasing dishes.


  • Respect your body by only wearing clothes you love and that flatter you. If you have clothes you’re hanging onto but don’t really like to wear, please do yourself and your body a favor and let them go.
  • Keep in your closet only clothes that fit you well. If you don’t want to give away smaller sized clothes that you intend to again wear, then put them away to be retrieved when you’re ready. If keeping them visible in your closet inspires you to release weight, however, then by all means keep them there.  If you feel defeated when you look at them, though, I’d suggest you keep them out of your closet.
  • Respect yourself and your body by discarding old, tired clothing that is discolored, frayed, or clearly worn out. You deserve better. (Except, of course, those worn-out comfy sweats or pj’s that you love to wear and can’t bear to part with. It’s not just about something that’s worn out. It’s how you feel about them.)
  • Organize your clothes respectfully in your closets and drawers. Take time to put them away neatly and not leave them hanging on a chair, or worse, lying on the floor.
  • Replace missing buttons and complete other necessary mending. Unfinished business is energy draining.


  • Replace frayed, old towels with luscious new ones. Honor your glorious body by using towels that feel absolutely wonderful on your skin.
  • Same goes for sheets. Think of all the time you spend sleeping. Honor your body by wrapping it in fresh, comfortable linens.
  • Keep vanity tops clean and clear of clutter.
  • Get rid of old make-up and toiletries.
  • Do you really need five different shades of red nail polish? Same goes for lipstick.

Energy Draining Items

If there are objects that remind you of a difficult time in your life or reflect the person you no longer are or want to be, release them. This may include photographs that evoke sad or shame-filled feelings, items with negative memories attached, or journals filled with painful reflections.

When looking at such objects, notice if they uplift or drain you. If you notice your energy level drop even slightly, consider letting them go. Even if you don’t notice a shift, chances are these objects energetically keep you rooted in the past. Release them. Doing so allows you to live more fully in present time. You can then move forward in your life much more easily.

Your Money

There sometimes is a connection between carrying excess clutter and carrying the burden of excess debt. Overeating and overspending sometimes reflect the same inner need to emotionally soothe oneself through external means.

If you can relate to this, begin to respectfully take charge of your finances by hiring a financial advisor to help you. As you do this, chances are you also will notice a parallel improvement in your overall self-care.

Remember this:  As you create changes in your external world, your internal world will change. As your internal world changes, your external life will reflect the positive inner changes you are making.

Start now:  What will you release today to lighten your mind, body and spirit?

(Photo: Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash.)

9 Responses

  1. Deepa

    Dear Dianne,

    Thank you so kindly for taking the time to share specific things I can do to be a better person. It is so insightful and comprehensive.


  2. Nona

    I just read this on a whim and it aligned perfectly with my current struggle to reorganize my home and the fears associated with releasing old things. This inspired me and gave me affirmation that I am on the right path. I now know also why my Weight loss has hit a plateau….clutter. So righ thank you for this awareness. I will use it to go forward.

  3. Diane Petrella

    Thanks for your comment, Nona! Decluttering is one of the easiest things we can do to move us forward in life. A simple, no cost method to improve self-esteem. Don’t we all feel better about ourselves in an uncluttered environment, letting go of tired clothing and finally replacing that burnt out light bulb? All best wishes to you, Diane

  4. tiffany

    SO funny, last night I was looking around at the hundreds of self help books I have accumulated from amazon. I have maybe read 1/4 of them? I decided last night to get rid of them and actually start living!
    They cause me stress because I know they add up to alot of money yet I do nothing with them. THe biggest self help I could do would be sell them back so I shall~

  5. Diane Petrella

    Hi Tiffany – Several years ago I donated dozens of my books to the library. I, too, had so many self-help books – and loved them all! – but I only kept those that have become resources for me. I figure my local library can be my storage facility and I’ll borrow them when I need them. I cleared out space and have less to clean! Thanks for posting and I hope your decluttering efforts bring you much peace and clarity. All best, Diane


    I cleaned out my closet just the other day. I put all my winter clothes in a container and all the close that didnt fit ,I gave to a friend, that loved them. There were some that i held on to put I put them in a seperate container. Anyways I do feel lighter and neater and it has made a big difference! Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to start on my kitchen next!

  7. Diane Petrella

    Thanks for your comment! Feeling lighter on the outside really does help to feel lighter on the inside too. Clearing clutter is such a no-cost, easy way to transform our lives. I’m glad you’re finding this useful.
    All best, Diane

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