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Clutter Clearing Magic

“The ablity to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak.”
Hans Hofmann

Do you know the best kept secret for making progress in your life?

Throw something away.

It’s that simple. Donate, recycle or throw away unnecessary items clogging your physical environment. The objects around you either uplift your energy or drain you of power. Clearing clutter removes constricting energy blocks opening up new life possibilities.

Invisible levels of energy are embedded in your external, physical world and mirror your internal world. Your thoughts, emotions, body and the physical objects around you carry an energetic vibration.

Higher cycles of vibration enhance your spirit; lower cycles drain you. Change happens from the inside out as you shift your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Change also happens from the outside in as you clear your physical environment.

Difficulty letting go mirrors an inability to live an abundant life. By letting go, you open new pathways to receive. The Universe matches that openness by sending you life expanding experiences. Discarding clutter accelerates this transformative process.

When you eliminate physical clutter, you eliminate spiritual clutter. More expansive levels of energy align your inner and outer worlds. Intuitive insights become clearer. Inner messages guide you in new directions. A life of ease, flow and synchronicity unfolds.

When you keep objects that no longer serve you, you remain energetically tied to the past. This prevents you from moving forward in your life. Even if you feel you’ve moved on, you can expand your growth further by eliminating unneeded items. By letting go of the unnecessary, you engage more fully in present time. You enjoy the freedom to make more authentic, life affirming present day choices.

Think of a time in your life that was traumatic, painful or otherwise difficult. Let go of objects that keep you clinging to the past or that continue to hold energy related to past regrets, disappointment or sadness. Do you have photos, journals, books, clothes, jewelry or other objects that no longer serve you? When you look at those items, do they enhance your spirit or drain you? Do you feel sad? Does your body seem to weaken? Do they drain your energy even slightly? If so, let them go.

If you experienced a traumatic or abusive childhood, release all objects associated with your past that hold any negative emotion for you. Release the impulse to keep items in your environment simply because you have always had them. Take the risk and let go.

Amazing gifts await you.

(Photo Credit: Minh Pham)

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  1. Bee

    We just finished moving out of our house while we had the old nasty carpet pulled out and hardwood floors installed in every room. Then 10 days later we moved back in again. During this process we cleaned out the garage so we could move furniture into the garage, and cleaned out the basement so we could move boxes into the basement. We gave away close to 30 boxes of “items” that we had been carrying around for over 25 years. We donated the usable items and threw away all of the unusable ones.
    We dusted, cleaned and organized every corner of our home. It was an enormous chore, but it is so wonderful to see how calm and serene our home has become with the wonderful hardwood floors and everything perfectly in it’s place. I hope that the energy of the universe will now be able to flow through our home and our lives freely. Bringing creative energy and peace to our lives. Thanks so much for the great thoughts. It is good to let go.

  2. Dear Bee,

    Thank you for your comment! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? I decluttered years of excess stuff several years ago and my life transformed in amazing ways. Just wait – yours already is too!

    A great book that I think you also may enjoy is called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. It’s a fabulous book that changed my life. I think you will find it helpful as well.

    To your transformation!


  3. I am new to your site and I am De-cluttering or as I say De-junking my home. I just love your articles and I will show them to my counselor as I am also morbidly obese as the doctors say. I have lost 137 lbs, gained 30 lbs and I still have to lose another 130 lbs. Yes, things of the past as I am learning through my counselor are what shape us into not what and where we should be. I am 66 yrs. old and have carried a gang rape and abortion around too many years, I am trying to free myself of the past, I guess we never forget. I just have to forgive myself and try not to have the memories of the past keep controlling me. Thank you for your encouraging words and gifts that the Lord has lead you to write to help many others. God Bless you mightily.
    Mary Anne B

  4. Diane Petrella

    Dear Mary Anne,

    Welcome to my website! And thank you for your very kind words. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my articles. If you haven’t already, please feel free to sign up for my Seven Secrets and you also will receive my monthly enewsletter, Living Lightly. I wish you well on your journey and send you warm thoughts and peace-filled blessings.


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