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5 Ways to Honor Your Body

As you begin this new year, commit to a loving relationship with your body. Here are five ways to release negativity and open new pathways for releasing weight with love.

1)  Ask Your Body for Forgiveness

Your body wants to serve you! By apologizing to your body for ways you may have neglected or abused it, you communicate to your body genuine affection. Your body has a consciousness of its own and you can expand your body’s consciousness in positive ways by writing a letter of apology to it. This isn’t a hand-wringing, people pleasing kind of apology. (Your body wouldn’t want that!) And it’s not about inducing guilt. It’s about freedom from guilt and taking responsibility. When you make peace with your body in this way, releasing weight feels more peaceful too.

2)  Bless Your Food

Honor your body by honoring your food. Take time before meals to spiritually bless the food you eat.  When you bless your food, you infuse it with uplifting spiritual energy. At the family dinner table, or at an abundant buffet, simply say silently, “I bless this food for nourishing my body” or, “I bless this food for bringing me pleasure.” As you do this mindfully and with positive intent, you will notice a calming inside of you. This honors your relationship with  food, with your body, and with yourself.

3)  Write Your Desires to the Universe

In the beginning, something inspired you to release weight.  Writing down your desires helps you connect with that inspiration. Expand beyond the numbers on a scale and write down the deeper reasons why you want a thinner body. For example, “I want to walk up a flight of stairs effortlessly”, or “I want to pick up my child with ease.” Write down all your desires! By focusing on the essence of why you want to release weight, you activate the seeds of inspiration that spiritually guide you to your weight release goals.

4) Change Your Passwords to Honor Your Body

Like most people, you probably have an assortment of passwords for banking, online accounts, websites and more. What we focus our attention on grows, so a really cool tip is to create passwords that honor your body. Our words are powerful! Harness this power and use loving passwords that are uplifting to your body. So instead of your mother’s maiden name, try these:  iamthin; iluvmybody; or irelease30lbs – you see? Have fun with this and you’ll soon notice a shift in the kind of attention you give to your body.

5)  Purge Your Clothes

Release the unnecessary from your life to create new space for inspired living. All those clothes you haven’t worn in a year will enhance someone else’s life by donating them to those in need. Release clothes that no longer fit, you really don’t like, or are not flattering.  What you don’t like to wear wears you down energetically. Only keep things in your closet that you love and feel useful to you.  To learn more about decluttering and weight loss, read my article, Clear Your Clutter, in Calorie Count.

How will you honor your body today?

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