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Learning to Love Your Body

If you’re upset with your body, it may be frustrating to hear you need to “love” and “accept” it. You may believe you’ll never stop feeling angry and ashamed.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can release this struggle and transform your relationship with your body into a loving, respectful partnership. Here are four practices to help you do that.

1.  Acknowledge Your Feelings Without Self-Blame

If you “hate” your body or if you are “ashamed” of your body, just accept, without judgement, that this is how you feel today. Be gentle with yourself. Tell yourself, “It’s OK that I feel this way. But I don’t have to act on these feelings.”

Remind yourself that just because you have felt this way for a long time doesn’t mean you’re destined to feel this way in the future. When you allow yourself the space to simply honor your feelings, and not punish yourself for how you feel, you actually become open to releasing them.

2.  Ask Your Body What it Needs From You

Your body always guides you to help you take good care of it—and yourself. You just have to take the time to listen.

Communicate with your body on a daily basis. Simply start by getting quiet, going within, and asking your body, “What do you need from me today?” Trust the intuitive guidance you receive.

Even if you don’t hear anything right away, keep asking. Over time, you will begin to hear the whispers of your body’s wisdom guiding you to take good care of yourself. Your relationship with your body deepens as you feel this connection.

3.  Allow Yourself to Forgive

All forms of forgiveness are powerful.  Forgiving others and forgiving yourself purifies your mind and body with loving energy. This helps you to more easily love and accept your body because you become a more loving and accepting person. Do your best to release anger and resentment you harbor towards others. Forgive yourself for mistakes you make and slips you make with your self-care. You’re human and we all make mistakes and slip up at times.

When you have neglected your body, simply apologize to it and let it go. For example, if you ate too much of a food that you know doesn’t agree with your body say, “I’m so sorry that I gave you that food. I know it’s not good for you and I will do my best to be more mindful.” Then let it go without guilt and self-judgement.

When no longer weighed down by self-blame and resentment towards others, healing emotional eating and feeling more confident about yourself and your body become easier.

4. Thank Your Body Daily

Regularly thank your body for all it does for you. Appreciation and gratitude is uplifting to your spirit. Your relationship with your body will deepen when you take the time to give daily thanks.

Don’t we all feel appreciated when thanked for what we do for others? It’s the same with your body. Honor your body by simply saying “thank you.” The more you thank your body for all it does for you, the more you will experience a loving energy in your relationship.

Take a moment right now and simply say to your body, “Thank you.”

(Photo:Jade Destiny on Unsplash)

5 Responses

  1. Excellent article. You are so right about releasing resentment and self blame, it helps so much if you can shed it. It was just what I need at this moment. Thank you.

  2. Diane Petrella

    Dear Andy,
    Thanks for your comment. I’m so pleased this article came at the right time for you! Love and Peace, Diane

  3. Sheila

    Thank you for this article about loving our body. I have this horrible habit of shunning my body each day. I never have anything good to say to my body, I never realized how bad it’s gotten. In Church, I was told to forgive by the good Lord. I’m living this horrible sin by not forgiving my body. This story you shared, has really made me think about it. I’m going to practice being more forgiving to my body/myself. As a matter of fact I have already started, thanks to you. As just before I wrote this letter to you, I apologized to my body for being so mean. Thanks again for reminding us of God’s commandments. We are somebody, we need love and forgiveness too.

  4. Christina

    Thank you Diane! I never thought to be kind to me, with thoughts or words. I am always disappointed in how I look. Even when I was 20 years younger, in great shape, I didn’t appreciate it. I wanted to look like a skinny model. I will start now and not beat my self up .
    Thank you again.

  5. Diane Petrella

    Dear Sheila and Christina,

    Thank you both for your comments. I’m so pleased to know my posts are helpful to you.

    Our bodies really do “hear” our thoughts as every thought we think and every feeling we have is energy and produces a physical response in our bodies, even on a minute level. Being kind to our bodies is so important! Our bodies have an awareness of their own and need us to think loving thoughts and treat them with kindness and respect.

    No matter what happened in the past, today is a new day with opportunities to change our future path.

    I wish you both much peace and happiness.


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