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Your Body Will Forgive You. Just Ask.

If you’ve struggled with your weight for a long time, it may feel hard to love, or even like, your body. When you feel at war with your body in this way, releasing weight feels much more difficult than it needs to be.

Anger, shame, and self-hatred add an emotional heaviness to what may already feel daunting. While the weight release journey holds challenges in the best of situations, these challenges lessen when you develop a more loving and respectful relationship with your body.

You don’t have to wait until you reach your goal weight to make peace with your body. You can experience peace now and when you do, your journey (and your body) lightens. (more…)


Let Go of Fear to Release Weight with Confidence

Are you afraid you’ll never reach your weight loss goal?
Do you fear you won’t maintain your weight once you do?
If you can relate, take heart. Learn to free yourself from fear’s grip so you confidently move forward with poise and grace.

For many people, fear is an uncomfortable, yet familiar companion along their weight loss journey. Fear undermines your belief in yourself and stops you from having the life and body you want. You can renew your confidence and learn to give fear no power by replacing fear-based thoughts with thoughts of strength and determination. (more…)


How I Stopped Gaining Weight On Vacation

“To keep the body in good health is a duty.
Otherwise we shall not be able
to keep our mind strong and clear.”

I just spent three awe inspiring weeks traveling in Southeast Asia.  My friend Dianne, knowing I gained weight on another lengthy vacation six years ago, asked if I did this time.

I confidently replied, “Ultimately, no, I didn’t. I started gaining weight right away because I was eating more than I normally do with the endless buffets available. But then I remembered to practice what I preach. I made a conscious effort to turn things around. And I did.”

It felt good to walk my talk, especially in such a food and exercise challenging situation. I share below the mind-set shifts I made to stay grounded. Whether to maintain your weight, release excess weight, or stop gaining, I hope this inspires you to keep your mind and body a treasured priority, no matter what circumstances surround you. (more…)


Inspire Your Weight Loss Journey With a Vision Board

What changes do you want to see in your life for 2013? What goals and intentions do you have for your health and well being? Do you know you can begin to create those changes now simply by finding images that represent what you want? Create a vision board to focus your mind and train your brain to move in the direction of your desires.

A vision board is simply a collage of pictures, words and symbols that represents the life experiences you want. It’s also called a goal or dream board, or treasure map.

Imagination Creates

Everything in your life begins with an image in your conscious or subconscious mind. A vision board harnesses this imaging power in a deliberate way. As a manifestation tool, it activates the law of attraction, a spiritual law that says we attract experiences into our life that match the energy of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Focus Your Mind

From a psychological perspective, a vision board works by stimulating the reticular activation system, or RAS, which is an information filtering system in your brain. Once you hold an image in your mind, you program your RAS to search for it among all the information coming to you from the world. For example, have you noticed that when you decide on the kind of car you want, you begin to see it everywhere? That’s why.

By making a vision board for health and weight loss, you essentially program your RAS to draw to your attention what you need to reach your goals. (more…)


A New Year's Ritual for Release and Renewal

Here’s my favorite New Year’s ritual. It’s my trusted path to release the old and embrace the new.

I invite you to take time this week to reflect on this past year and the changes you want to make going forward. Use this not only to inspire your weight release journey, but for all areas of your life.

I feel empowered when I do this writing exercise, as if I’m calling forth the powers of the Universe to support me. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Get yourself cozy and comfortable with pen and paper. There’s something about writing by hand that keeps you more connected with your heart energy, but if you prefer using your computer or tablet, by all means do so. Give yourself quiet, undisturbed time. Add a cup of soothing tea and a candle to set a reflective mood.

Complete the three parts of this practice in the following order: (more…)


5 Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

The true spirit of the holiday season is meant to fill you with appreciation and love. Instead, it is sometimes fraught with the emotional and financial stress of excessive holiday shopping, additional time draining responsibilities, and added food challenges with the abundance of sweets and special meals.

No need to let holiday stress derail your weight loss plans. Here are five tips to stay focused on what matters most so you can enjoy the season while remaining true to your journey. (more…)


Your Object of Inspiration

As a steady and gentle reminder to remain focused on your weight release goals, find a meaningful object to inspire you and help you feel grounded. For example, a bracelet with a special phrase or symbol, an affirmation card kept in your purse, or a religious or spiritual symbol to fit in your pocket.

I keep many inspiring objects around me and here is one of my favorites. I love stones. I especially love this one and had a hole drilled in it years ago so I could use it as a pendant. Every time I attend a spiritual retreat or workshop, I intentionally wear this so it absorbs the uplifting energy of what I learn. I find it soothing and grounding to simply rub and feel it’s smooth surface. When I’m tense, I make a point to hold it and take a deep breath.

Take a special object you already own, or set your intention to find just the right one and trust the Universe to bring it your way. Keep it accessible as an object of inspiration, strength and as an anchor to ground you. Use this to help you stay focused on your weight release goals especially during those food challenges unique to the holiday season.

What will you use as your object of inspiration? Please share below!


Ho' oponopono for Emotional Eating

Healthy nutrition and exercise, while important to help you release weight, aren’t enough to control those forces within that cause emotional eating. This is because emotional eating isn’t only about making peace with food and your body.

It’s about making peace with your feelings.

All addictions stem from a difficulty experiencing and moving through painful feelings. While there are differing opinions about whether you can be physically addicted to certain foods, it’s generally accepted that emotional eating reflects a psychological addiction. Food becomes the means to avoid, deny or otherwise cope with painful emotions. (more…)


Lose Weight Forever with Patience & Perseverance

Were you as amazed as I was watching the Olympics? These athletes trained their minds and bodies exquisitely. We all can learn something important from them. As I listened to interviews about how they succeeded at reaching Olympic status, I heard these two themes repeated over and over:

Relentless patience and perseverance

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from these mind-power qualities.

Patience and perseverance allow you to reach your weight loss goals with certainty. Without these two qualities, progress stalls. Setbacks feel disappointing, hitting a plateau feels demoralizing, and keeping focused on your goal feels daunting.

It’s tempting to give up.


Lose Weight with Ease by Appreciating Your Good

“When you consider yourself valuable you will take care of yourself in all ways that are necessary.”
M. Scott Peck

Have you noticed how connected your weight loss efforts are to how you feel about yourself? The most essential ingredient for permanent weight loss has nothing to do with food, exercise or how mindfully you eat. While these are important, they are not as important as this:

Your self-worth.

How we feel about ourselves impacts everything we do. When we feel good about ourselves, taking a brisk walk or eating nutritious foods feels easy. We’re drawn to healthy choices because they mirror our healthy mind-set.

When we feel unworthy, however, the heaviness of that emotional state leads us to make less than healthy choices. Unless we interrupt the cycle, those choices tend to reinforce feeling worthless. For example, if you’re upset with yourself for overeating, you may feel “What’s the point?” and feed your disappointment with chocolate chip cookies. This negative cycle continues with guilt and self-blame for eating the cookies. (more…)