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Honor Your Body with Exercise

Our bodies need to move! If we don’t challenge our bodies physically, they stagnate.  They adapt to a familiar routine and reach a fitness plateau. As their caretakers, we need to encourage our bodies to reach their true potential. We can do this by routinely challenging our bodies to move beyond their comfort zone.

For some people, the word exercise implies grueling, hard work. It doesn’t have to be this way! If you change your mind-set, you’ll discover the joy, (yes joy!), associated with simply moving your body.

Your body is your ultimate life partner. It needs you to keep physically challenging it so it functions efficiently and is the best partner it can be for you. In the same way a child feels secure when she knows her parents  are sensitive to her needs, your body needs to know you will honor its needs for proper nutrition, rest, and movement so it feels secure with you, too. (more…)


Use Affirmations for Weight Loss Success

People often ask me if saying affirmations really “works.” I respond, “If you think they work, they will and if you think they won’t, they won’t. But no matter what you’re thinking, your thinking is working.”

Let me explain.

An affirmation is simply anything you say or think. We affirm what we expect in life all the time with our thoughts and beliefs. The Universe then brings back to us experiences that match the vibration of those thoughts.

For example, if you believe releasing weight is difficult and grueling, it will be. If you believe it is challenging at times but achievable, it will be. Your thoughts about releasing weight create the quality of your journey. They either help you succeed or hold you back.

Using affirmations simply means deliberately taking charge of your thoughts. When used with other strategies, affirmations help you create a confident mind-set for success. (more…)


Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom

You’ve probably read many articles and books about the best ways to release weight. What you’ve learned may be sound advice.  But do you know you already have all the guidance you need to help you release weight?

That guidance is your own body.

Our bodies have an inner wisdom that is readily available to us when we take the time to listen.  I like to think of this wisdom as the voice of my spiritual consciousness, or my Higher Self.  As a child I felt a connection with my body and somehow learned to communicate with it.

It was my way of talking to God.


My Theme For 2012

I love rituals!

Every year I complete my thank you/release/intention process for the New Year. I also pick a theme that becomes the context for my personal growth.  A yearly theme becomes my guiding light for decisions I make, projects I’m working on and how I want to evolve. It’s the big picture that carries me through life’s ups and downs. Like a gentle voice in the background, my theme keeps me on track.

For 2012 my theme is:


I want to live a more inspired life. I think I’m pretty good at this already. I meditate daily because I know this is a powerful practice for accessing my intuition. I trust my instincts and listen to my inner guidance.

But I can be better at this. (more…)


Welcoming the New Year!

Here’s my favorite New Year’s ritual that has become my trusted pathway to releasing the old and embracing the new.

Get yourself  cozy and comfortable with pen and paper. A cup of soothing tea and a blazing fire also helps.

1)  Offer Thanks

Write down all the things you are thankful for in 2011. Let the Universe know how much you appreciate all the gifts you have received. This is important because offering thanks honors the giver as well as the gift. The Universe appreciates this and responds by giving you more. (more…)


Transformation Through Meditation

Sunrise2If you could do one thing everyday that promises to bring inner peace, trust and wisdom into your life, would you do it?

It’s easy.  And it’s only a breath away.


Meditation offers many physical benefits.  Research studies document improvement in heart rate, blood pressure and managing stress. These benefits promote good health and well-being.

And there is so much more.

Meditation strengthens your intuition.  It clears out mental clutter so you can hear your inner voice. Your consciousness expands as you become more finely attuned to perceptions beyond the five senses.

We all have thousands of thoughts every day, usually hearing the same ones over and over. This endless chatter can be emotionally disorienting. When you meditate you enter the stillness between your thoughts.  It is within this space, or gap, that you connect with your deepest self. This allows intuitive guidance to flow freely. Synchronistic events show up, guiding you along your life path. Your ability to manifest what you want becomes easier. (more…)


Releasing Weight Through Self-Forgiveness

To release excess weight and create a healthy, vibrant body, you need a foundation of unconditional self-love. This is so because every cell in our body holds the energy of our thoughts and emotions. Our bodies are then “shaped” by the energy of our cells.

You cannot create health within a body that is filled with the toxic energies of self-contempt. It is almost as if excess weight fastens itself tightly to your body in the same way you hold tightly onto shame-based and guilt-ridden thoughts. By releasing this negativity you allow your body to receive wellness.

A self-forgiving state of mind purifies and cleans those negative energies. Only then will your body accept the changes you are making. Begin to develop the spiritual habit of self-forgiveness and you will surely notice significant changes in your physical health and in your ability to no longer use food for comfort.

We all do the best we can with the level of awareness that we have. Here’s a process to help you expand your awareness and open to the healing power of self-forgiveness: (more…)


Freedom Through Ho'oponopono

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Years ago I learned about a psychologist who healed an entire forensic ward of mentally ill criminals in a Hawaii state hospital. What was remarkable about this was that the psychologist and Director of the unit, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, never worked directly with any of his patients. What was his magic…?

He used the powerful Hawaiian healing process called Ho’oponopono.

I had to learn more. (more…)


My Favorite Work-Out Buddy!

I feel fortunate to have discovered running while in my early twenties. I had exercised sporadically at health clubs, but this was different. I loved how my body felt after a run, so invigorated and alive. It was a meditative and creative time too, solutions to problems magically appearing during those runs. I was passionate about it, running road races and eventually challenging myself to run marathons.

I was a bit obsessed.

But after several decades of running, I wanted  a more gentle approach.  I never developed any running related injuries and I didn’t want to push my luck. So, I decided to use the cardio machines at my health club. Boring! It just didn’t compare to being outdoors, moving my body along the tree lined running path near my home. But I knew it probably was better for my body at that point, so I resigned myself to being bored.

I normally don’t watch television, but with an attached TV screen on the cardio machines, it certainly makes exercise more entertaining. I’d listen to the news, or watch a cooking show. But nothing really took the edge off the boredom.

It was a slow thirty minutes.

But then, I found my secret weapon: (more…)


The Gift of Gratitude

“A single grateful thought raised to heaven …is the most perfect prayer.” – Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

If you don’t have what you want in your life, or if you want more of what you do have, here’s the key: Be grateful. Gratitude is healing to the emotions. If you are upset or feeling down, stop and give thanks for the good things in your life. An attitude of appreciation raises your energetic vibration. Since your vibration magnetizes to you your experiences, giving thanks brings you more to be thankful for. Your perspective changes.

Try this. Take an easy, gentle breath. Now, close your eyes and think of someone or something in your life that you love and appreciate.

Did your mood shift? Did you feel a sense of relaxation? Are you calmer?

This is the gift of gratitude.

Saying “thank you” to the Universe opens a pathway to receive more. Think of when you give something to someone and they don’t acknowledge or thank you for your gesture. Now think of someone who is appreciative and grateful. You want to keep giving. It’s the same with the Universe. Lack of appreciation is like turning your back on a loving, giving friend. Being grateful honors your connection. It is an invitation to the Universe to increase your supply. (more…)